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Foster Care Program

What is foster care?

A foster home is a temporary home that helps prepare a homeless animal for adoption. It gives them a comfortable place to stay until they are old enough and/or healthy enough for adoption. With no permanent facility, we rely on a network of foster homes to keep the animals in our care and help them prepare for their forever home. The number of animals we can take in depends directly upon the number of foster homes we have available. Therefore, the more volunteers we have fostering homeless pets, the more lives we can save!

Who can foster? What's involved in fostering?

We require that foster parents are at least 18 years of age. To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, the cooperation of your family or roommates, flexibility, and some knowledge of animal behavior. You also must understand that there is a possibility that the foster pet may or may not be adopted when it is ready to go to an adoption fair. The length of time a foster pet may stay in your home varies with the animal’s situation.

You will most likely be asked to meet with one of our foster care coordinators to go over our procedures and to ensure that you understand your responsibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do I need to provide?

Juliet’s House will help with all specialized supplies and medical care. We distribute basic supplies such as litter and food as received through donations but greatly appreciate any help that you can provide in supplying items for your foster kittens.


How many kittens will I be fostering?

Kittens do best with another around. We like to have at least two kittens in a foster home so they can socialize with and learn from each other. Beyond that, the number you foster will be based on what you are able to do. If you prefer to foster only one at a time, there’s always a need for foster homes able to assist with adults and older kittens.


Do I need a spare room to foster kittens?

Young kittens often don’t need a lot of space to do well. Many times something as simple as a pop up cage, bathroom, or a medium to large closet is enough space. While a spare bedroom is fantastic when an option, please don’t let not having a spare bedroom deter you from fostering kittens.


How long will the kittens need to be in foster care?

Once a kitten weighs two pounds and is healthy, he/she can be spayed or neutered and be ready for adoption. We aim to get everyone spayed or neutered and ready for adoption as early as possible but sometimes it can take a bit for them to be adopted. Therefore, we do ask our fosters to commit to their care until a home can be found. We use methods such as Petfinder and our weekly adoption fairs to help facilitate them finding a good home.

Adoption Center Cleaners

Help us keep our kitties' homes clean!

Juliet's House is lucky to have many of our adoptable cats living at the Petsmart adoption center on Bridford Parkway. These cats and kittens need help with keeping their cages clean, ensuring they have fresh food and water, and giving them a little bit of love. These volunteers also bring used blankets and toys home to be laundered as needed to keep a fresh supply available. We like to have someone come by at least twice a day and are always in need of more help maintaining our adoption center.

Purr Partners

Spend quality time with our adoption center cats.

It's amazing what a little TLC can do for a rescue animal. Consider spending some time playing or just loving on our cats at our adoption center. Do you love cats but a family member is allergic? Are you a college student who is not allowed to have a pet? Come cuddle with our kitties and get your cute fix. 



Foster Care Program
Adoption Center Volunteer Program
Pur Partners Program
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