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Kittens Saved from Severe Eye Infections

It is through donations from our community that we are able to take on more challenging cases such as this one. In April 2023, a Good Samaritan reached out to Juliet’s House when she discovered a participant on her "Meals on Wheels" route had taken a pregnant cat into her outside storage shed. The pregnant cat had since given birth to 3 kittens, and they were living enclosed with their feral mom in the dark and damp conditions of the storage shed. The homeowner and the mother cat were doing their best to provide food, care, and love. However, the kittens were extremely sick with diarrhea and severe eye infections. One of our volunteers headed to the home to see how we could help. Our volunteer discovered what had been described as newborns were actually very sick 5-week-old kittens and they were in extreme need of vet and supportive care. The homeowner, a kind lady, was upset and felt helpless that she was not in a position financially or physically to help care for the medical needs of the kittens. We offered to bring the three kittens into our care and provide the funds and assistance to provide TNR to their feral mom.

After an emergency vet visit, one of our devoted foster moms stepped up to take the three boys! Several months have passed and we are thrilled to share that our three boys, Panther, Cluesy and Daredevil are doing amazing! All three are well adjusted, social, gentle, sweet boys. They were given a clean bill of health by our vet. They do have limited vision in some eyes, but it doesn’t curb their love of life or ability to be a wonderful pet family member! All have been put up for adoption with one of the boys adopted as of the time of writing this and he is adored by his new family. Sometimes kittens and cats with special differences take a little longer to find the perfect home. We are sure his siblings will have their adoption day soon. All of this was made possible through the generous donations made from people like you to help support the expenses for their vet care.

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