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Yeti and Stanley

Another memorable rescue, of many, is Yeti and Stanley. We received a call in March 2023 from a vet's office in a rural area of North Carolina. Someone had left two 5-ounce, 5-day old kittens. The vet indicated that if we could not help, euthanasia was the best humane option. We knew we had the community support and resources to help these two babies through our generous supporters and donations. Our dedicated volunteers immediately began making arrangements and within hours they were in our care!

Yeti was missing one back foot while Stanley was missing his back foot and also his opposite back leg. We did some research and determined that Amniotic Band Syndrome was likely the cause of their birth defects. After a month of round-the-clock care from their foster mom, Yeti and Stanley grew and blossomed. Consulting with one of our vets was also vital in their case. At 3 months, it was deemed best that Stanley have his back left leg amputated due to nerve pain. After time to heal , we received an adoption inquiry about our special pair, and we are happy to say it was a perfect match! It is a sweet ending with Yeti, Stanley and their new mom living happily ever after!

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